Introducing IAS officer and Doctor Tanu Jain, who cracked UPSC exam, left IAS job after 7 years due to…

Many Indians dream of passing the UPSC exam and becoming an IAS officer. It takes years of hard work. But today, we’re talking about someone who did become an IAS officer but decided to leave that job and become a teacher. Her name is Dr. Tanu Jain, and she became an IAS officer in 2015.

tanu jain

Tanu Jain went to school in Delhi and studied dentistry before she became an IAS officer. She studied dentistry and became a dentist with a degree called BDS from Subharti Medical College. While studying dentistry, she also started preparing for a tough government exam called UPSC. When she first tried the UPSC exam, she did something incredible. She passed the first part in just two months of studying. Even though she faced challenges in later attempts, she kept trying and eventually got the 648th rank in her third attempt in 2014.

After becoming an IAS officer, Tanu Jain didn’t stop helping others. She gave motivational speeches, wrote books, and became popular on social media. She even started her own coaching center for aspiring IAS officers in Delhi.

But recently, she made a big decision. She decided to quit her IAS officer job and become a full-time teacher. She did this because she saw how tough it was for people preparing for the UPSC exam, and she wanted to help them succeed. She knows the difficulties because she went through them herself. Her husband is also in the civil services, so she felt she had the support to take this risk.

When Tanu Jain first tried the UPSC exam, she passed the first part in just two months of preparation, which is amazing. But she faced challenges in the later stages of the exam. In her third attempt in 2014, she got the 648th rank.

In short, Dr. Tanu Jain’s journey from being an IAS officer to becoming a teacher shows her dedication to helping others achieve their dreams of becoming IAS officers. She wants to use her experience to guide and support others on their journey.

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